Resources for Cultivating

Healing, Health, Awareness and Freedom with

Meditation and Mindful Living

Imagine you had a superpower? This superpower allowed you to harness your own innate inner resources which afford you the opportunity to become more present, more consciously aware of yourself, your thoughts, feelings, your body, your environment and use this as a tool in-the-moment, to heal, learn, grow, respond and be more at peace and grounded in the present. 

What if then, ou could compassionately share

this state with others and the world at large thus facilitating more peace

and harmony with a world and society that needs it dearly?

In such a state, anything is possible.


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Katie Fleming, M.S., LPC

Hello and welcome! My name is Katie Fleming and I am a licensed, clinical psychotherapist. I specialize in mindfulness-based approaches to anxiety, stress, trauma, and depression. Unfortunately, such struggles all too familiar in today’s world. However, I do believe there is hope and there are highly effective tools available provided by mindfulness-based practices and meditation. 


We all have the inner capacity to become more aware, consciously engaged with ourselves and others, be freed from the traps of personal reactivity and habitual ways of being, recognize, honor, and dance with our “shadows” from a place of curiosity and compassion. I firmly believe we all have the inner resources to heal ourselves as needed and to grow empowered by our responsiveness and ability to tap into the blessed present moment. 


While I have worked with numerous individuals in the clinical context, those struggling with anxiety, depression, attention and focus problems, stress, addiction, grief, trauma, etc., I am also someone who has struggled with similar matters on my journey.


Over time, and with effort, I developed a meditation and mindfulness practice that has truly been my anchor in this sea of life. I have witnessed profound insight, healing, and empowerment with my practice and with my clients in using these the tools and many applications of mindfulness and meditation. While these tools might take practice and patience, and this is indeed a journey, I know anyone can apply and integrate them and that we all possess the ability to harness peace and wellness for ourselves.


My goal is to provide quality guided meditations, applicable information, psychoeducation, and tangible resources for those who desire to set themselves free from their own suffering. Such power is where true freedom can emerge, freedom from within. 


There is a great need for this kind of work and once we can personally demonstrate the power of this work we can then be models for others, thus making it clearly evident that more peaceful and conscious ways of being and relating do exist and just maybe, peace and harmony could possibly be restored during our relatively short time here.


If there ever was a more perfect time, I believe that time is NOW. 

This site is still a "work in progress."

Currently, I am consciously and carefully curating more resources and

tools for you to work with to post up soon. To be honest, I knew if I waited till I have everything "perfect"

I would probably never finish the site. 

Until then, please check out my guided meditation offerings and Befriending Anxiety, a 4-week course for

those who are ready to start getting a better grip on their anxiety.

Thanks for your patience and support. Feel free to reach out should you have questions or requests! 

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Struggling with Anxiety? 

You are definitely not alone.

Learn tangible tools to work with the many symptoms of anxiety. Become more aware of your triggers and negative thought patterns and how to restructure them. Develop responsive, in-the-moment strategies to ride the waves of emotionality more effectively, rather than getting swept away in the currents.


Mindfulness- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MBCBT) has helped numerous people develop a

better relationship with themselves and enhance their ability to achieve healthier ways of being

 and mastery over anxiety.

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Instructor: Katie Fleming, M.S.,

Licensed PSychoTherapist 


With Mindfulness & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)