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FREE Beginning Meditation Course

Boost your meditation practice with a free mini-course on mindfulness and meditation basics. 

Learn to Cultivate Calmness in Your Mind & Body

and learn how to better respond to your experiences 

from a place of  true self-compassion

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Gain Insight

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Reduce Stress

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Self Compassion


Hello & Welcome,

glad you are here. 

Your guide, Katie Thomas, a psychotherapist, yogi, and meditator who has experienced and witnessed the life-changing benefits of mindfulness and meditation, has created a space to guide and support others on their journey toward healing and managing stress and anxiety.


Her mission is to help individuals cultivate inner peace and resilience, so they can tackle life's challenges with greater ease and do so from a place of self-compassion and support. By joining a community of like-minded individuals, you can work towards creating a more mindful, compassionate world, one person, one mind, one heart, and one body at a time.

Choose Your Journey...

Learn how to meditate

Be guided in meditation

Deepen your practice 

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Get the support you need to establish your a transformative meditation practice on your own. 

Rather fly tandem at first? Explore the guided meditation library to support your practice

Explore additional practices to deepen support your wellbeing 


"Freebird has been my go-to for quality guided meditations. I have used these meditations to help with my extreme anxiety and have been able to work through that and move on with my life! I have made meditation a big part of my life. Thanks, Freebird, for making such supportive content available."

Grab the latest meditation updates, news, downloads & more. 
Don't worry, I won't mindlessly spam you! 

Thank You!

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Free Meditation Foundations Course

Boost your meditation practice with a free 6-day course on mindfulness and meditation basics. 

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