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Hi There. My name is Katie Fleming and I am the voice of Freebird Meditations. I am humbled and honored to fly along with you on this journey of healing, learning, growing and being more present in this grand adventure called life.

Mindfulness is a lifestyle, a practice, a journey. Some days it is easy to accomplish and some days it can be more challenging

It involves learning to be more aware of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, action, attention and what is going on in our bodies in-the-moment. 

My goal is to simply offer supportive resources to help you on your path, whether it be learning how to relax more, stress less, or dive deeper into matters of awareness, consciousness, and the soul, that all of us have likely struggled with at one point or another. 

For a long time, I desperately struggled on my own journey. Depression has been something I have fought for many years. Whether it was just something, I was born to experience given or a result of very difficult experiences growing up. In fact, a good chunk of my life was quite a mix-up. In my early years, this lead to some very even more challenging and gaining clarity in my life seemed hopeless. Not to mention a sense of confusion and disenchantment about the world at large, systems, and ways of thinking and programming that I was exposed to at an early age. 


Like many of us, I have known the impact of trauma,  hurt, disappointment, heartache and disillusionment, and a sense of deep grief, often at times, unexplainable. So I have the deepest empathy for others who are struggling with these matters. Our world is awash in it seems.


I was also seeker for many years, trying to find something that would help with the pain and emptiness I felt inside, that not many even knew about. I knew there was a better way, I just didn’t know how to get there. Whether it was the next self-help book, esoteric study, some “healing” medicine plant, various spiritual experimentations, diets, thought programs, etc. I was always looking outside myself. Little did I know, I actually had the power, strength, and resources within myself to make the significant change that I needed in my life.

For me, making a commitment to at least trying meditation was what helped me in this process. Yoga was the first tool I learned that was helpful, however, I needed something even more powerful to deal with the constant battle that was going on in my heart and especially my head. Little did I know that meditation would prove to be so tremendously helpful in my journey.

While the process of meditation was a challenge at first, it got easier with practice, things started flowing, insights growing, the volume on all the crappy, tangled thoughts started to lower itself finally, emotions started becoming known to me and I learned how to work with them, not against them anymore and most importantly have more compassion for myself and for others going through the same process. 

Over time, this leads to a different lifestyle, different choices in my associations, variations in how I choose to use my mind, time and awareness, and a love for doing my best to pursue a more mindful and simple life. It was so worth it.


Not to say that every day is a piece of cake, still challenges present themselves as they will always continue to do but I am better able to work with them, be less reactive than before and simply being able to hold sacred space for myself when needed.

Throughout this journey, I became a mental health therapist. I’ll be honest, it was likely my need to better understand and help myself initially that led me to this path. However, this was also coupled with my strong desire to assist others in alleviating their own suffering.  It used to feel a little vulnerable for me to say “hey, I’m a therapist who has mental health struggles.” While issues as such are not particularly uncommon in my professional circle, there is a still a stigma associated with this and risk of diminishing professional credibility for some.  But, I believe there is something very powerful in being able to connect on this level and that this makes for very deep and true therapy work together. Furthermore, I believe mental health issues seriously need to be spoken of and advocated today, as there are far too many suffering in silence!


Since having my therapy practice I have integrated awareness practices such as mindfulness and meditation into my therapy practice with great success. They both blend quite well with many of the other therapeutic modalities and I find they provide more tangible tools to work with. As with myself, meditation was initially a challenge for many of my folks, however, with their own commitment to the practice, they have witnessed the powerful transformative effects as well especially in addition to other therapeutic work.

In conclusion, I will say that I never tout meditation and mindfulness as a cure-all or quick fix. It is actually so much cooler than that!  It is a practice, that over time, develops into something more meaningful and progressive. The practice itself becomes something truly special and unique to those that practice it. Like art, it is a process of discovery and with that comes insight and deeper truths, something of priceless value. 

My intention with my content is that it is honest, relatable, soulful and provides value and support for you on your own path.  Secondly, I hope that when you achieve deeper levels of peace and desired levels of awareness that you can pay it forward somehow. Even if it is just being a little nicer and sweeter to yourself and your fellow humans. We all know that the world greatly needs this as this time. Let’s be each other’s teachers and show each other the way. Perhaps we can fly tandem towards a better future with more peace, more love, and more freedom within in.



Much Love and in Peace Profound,


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