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The Sleepy Time Guided Meditation


This meditation is widely regarded as the top choice for individuals grappling with sleep difficulties. If you find it challenging to fall asleep or stay asleep, this particular meditation practice is certainly worth exploring. Specifically tailored for bedtime usage (but never while driving!), it incorporates gentle breathwork, calming verbal cues, tranquil music, and progressive muscle relaxation. With a duration of approximately 60 minutes, many individuals actually drift off to sleep before its completion. If you're plagued by insomnia, it's worth giving this meditation a chance, though it's important to maintain patience and commitment to regular practice. 

The Sleepy Time Guided Meditation

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    Your meditation will be delivered via an MP3 file which you can download.

    Please note that the link provided for accessing the product will expire within 30 days of purchase. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you download all necessary files to ensure continued access to the product beyond the expiration date.

    By purchasing this product, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and services outlined by the Freebird Meditations.


    The content provided is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment and does not establish a professional therapeutic relationship between the user and any mental health provider. Seek help from a licensed mental health provider for any concerns or symptoms. Mindfulness exercises may be uncomfortable or challenging for individuals with a trauma history. Use discretion to determine appropriateness. Do not listen to this meditation while driving. By purchasing this product, you agree to Freebird Meditations' terms and services.

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