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"As we learn to quiet the mind and the body, to allow spaciousness and ease within us, we can begin to explore and understand the patterns that often drive us, in a much deeper, non-judgmental way. We can begin to let go and grow less attached to the myriad of distractions around us and within us, leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves, reducing stress, and cultivating a more balanced approach to living."

Mastery IN Motion

Gail Felbain

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30 Day Meditaiion (2).png

This is a starter meditation to help you evolve a daily meditation practice. The track begins with an introduction to the reasons for meditation, followed by the guided meditation itself. The track is partially guided and partially self-directed, primarily so you can develop the tools you need to meditate on your own eventually. This meditation is approximately 30 minutes long and essentially "begins" at 4 minutes (after intro). 

Yoga Nidra (2).png

Nidra is known as "yogic sleep," a paradoxical state of being between sleep and consciousness that's extremely conducive to deep relaxation. During this meditation, you will remain relaxed but also very aware. This form of meditation has been proven to be effective primarily in the areas of stress, tension, and anxiety reduction. As with most meditations, Yoga Nidra is an excellent way to slow down the pace of our “busy existence,” gain presence while achieving deeper levels of awareness and well-being. If this is practiced consistently, most individuals report it having a positive impact on their everyday waking experience, that is, just feeling a little bit more chilled and relaxed during everyday activities. This meditation begins with a brief discussion of Yoga Nidra and offers instructions for the overall mediation. After, the introduction, the actual meditation starts around 2 minutes. Just be gentle with yourself and use this meditation as often as needed.



Sleepy Time (2).png

The most popular meditation by far! This is a great meditation for those who have problems falling or staying asleep. If you are an individual who struggles with insomnia or sleep habits in general, give this a try. It is to be done while getting ready to go to sleep, and therefore should be practiced wherever you lay your head at night (definitely not while driving!). This meditation combines gentle breath work, soft words of encouragement, blissful music, and progressive muscle relaxation. It is approximately 60 minutes long and most people fall asleep before it is over. If you struggle with significant insomnia, give it a shot, but be patient with yourself and keep practicing.

Copy of Shine On (2).png

This meditation is to help you identify and release fear and general anxiety. You will also develop specific tools to deal with fear as it arises in your daily life while replacing these feelings/thoughts with something much more positive and proactive. Breathwork, gentle musical accompaniment, visualization, and words of encouragement are utilized in this meditation as well. This meditation is approximately 45 minutes long and also works well with journaling as an additional tool.

30 Minute Chill Pill (3).png

This is a basic meditation for those who need a little help "chilling out" every now and then. The main goal of this meditation is to teach you the tools you need to learn to relax yourself, on your own, at any time. This is primarily done by teaching a couple of very easy breathing techniques and relaxation skills, along with encouraging vocal guidance and relaxing background music. If you just want to take 30 minutes out of your busy day to gain a better sense of relaxation, this is for you. As the name suggests, this meditation is approximately 30 minutes long and is worth the time out of your day.

Letting Go Meditation (2).png

This is one of the more "therapeutic" meditations on Freebird and digs a bit deeper. The goal of this meditation is to identify and reflect on the things you know hold you back, cause you pain, or are unhealthy for you or just stifle your sense of joy in life. Therefore, this meditation teaches you how to identify and release these unnecessary things, peacefully and with grace. Like most of the meditations here, working with your breath is emphasized in assisting your practice of release. This meditation, with soothing sounds, visualization, and encouraging words. is approximately 50 minutes long and definitely worth your time. This meditation dovetails well with journaling practice and can be used time and time again18

Moving Through Hurt (2).png

This meditation is a journey towards working through your hurt as opposed to around it. While our "hurts" may all be different and range in severity this meditation is designed to gently assist you as you call up what is bringing you pain and work towards processing it in a healthy way. It will provide you an opportunity to simply observe your hurt without judgment, gain a better understanding of how it might work in your mind, with your emotions and body, while also helping you to utilize specific tools you can use at any time to soothe and release the tension associated with the hurt. There is a brief discussion regarding the concept you will be working with as this is important information to know before starting. The actual meditation practice starts at approximately 3 minutes and continues until approximately 45 minutes. Please take your time with this meditation and be gentle and kind to yourself in the process. This meditation is not necessarily designed to diagnosed or treat significant anxiety or trauma. If you need support as you start working on this material please reach out to your support system or someone you trust. Remember, you are not alone. Many people are successfully processing hurt just like you. Lastly, please recognize your own courage to step forward on this path of healing; it is not always easy, trust that you are doing good work. Many blessings and wishing you healing and freedom.

Cultivating Self Love (2).png

This guided meditation is a practice in cultivating self-love using mindful compassion. The first half guides you to relaxation and utilizes tools to help you become more aware of your body, your breath, and simple observation of the mind, all *without judgment *and from a place of *divine loving-kindness* that exists and resides within.... you. The latter part invites you to focus on themes related to self-love, what this means to you, and acknowledging what you need, again without judgment, and just being curious about and open to self-love and being able to offer it to yourself.

Inner Child Higher Self (2).png

This is a meditation that accompanies my Befriending Anxiety program. It is offered here as it is one of my favorite meditations along with the Cultivating Self Love with Mindful Compassion Meditation. This meditation is a journey. In this one, you will be working with the concept of your "Inner Child" and meeting it with love and offering it that which is may have never received due to a variety of reasons. You will then meet and embrace your "Higher Self" and receive the support and guidance it has to offer. Then you, your higher self, and your inner child will get to hang out for a bit, have a celebration, and nurture and love one another. A sweet team. Giving, Receiving, and Loving. Take your time, be gentle, and work within your zone of comfort. If feelings or sensations arise, try to see if you can allow them and breathe with them. Inner child work can be especially healing. And Higher Self work can be especially encouraging and supporting.

"I have insomnia and usually never sleep at night. If I do sleep, it's only for a couple of hours. Work up in the middle of the night last night after only 2 hours of sleep and couldn't get back to sleep. So frustrated. Decided to look up guided sleep meditation as a last resort and found this. Worked like a charm. so glad I found this. Thanks so much."  ~Ailene

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