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Mindfulness, Meditation & Finding Freedom Within

As we navigate an increasingly hectic and chaotic world, the importance of mindfulness is becoming paramount.

Freebird Meditations provides a sanctuary for cultivating inner peace and resilience,
offering guided meditations, mindfulness education, and a space for like-minded individuals to learn and grow.


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FREE 30-Day Meditation Challenge

Enhance your routine and embrace a calmer, focused you. Download now and start your own meditation journey.

Choose Your PATH...

Learn How to Meditate

Be Guided in Meditation

Deepen Your Practice 

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Get the support you need to establish your transformative meditation practice on your own. 

Rather fly tandem at first? Explore the guided meditation library to support your journey.

Explore additional mindfulness based tools to deepen and support your practice.


Meet your teacher


Hello & Welcome,

Kathryn Thomas combines her expertise in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and psychotherapy to guide individuals toward more self-compassion, stress management, and mindful living. Her goal is to help others cultivate inner peace, resilience, and compassion, fostering a more mindful, resourced, and connected life within a community of like-minded people. This shared journey aims at personal and collective mindfulness, enhancing awareness and compassion for oneself and others, one step at a time.

Learn to Cultivate Calmness in Your Mind, Body & Heart

...and learn how to better respond to your experiences from a place of  true self-compassion.

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Gain Insight

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Reduce Stress

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Self Compassion

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"Freebird has been my go-to for quality guided meditations. I have used these meditations to help with my extreme anxiety and have been able to work through that and move on with my life! I have made meditation a big part of my life. Thanks, Freebird, for making such supportive content available."

Quieting the mind, being in the body, and embracing the present nurtures our innate capacity for mindfulness, reducing suffering through self-understanding and the ability to compassionately respond.


This path to balance offers freedom, breath by breath.



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