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Additional Offerings

Freebird is working towards expanding and has some exciting developments on the horizon.  In the near future, we will be launching monthly live meditation sessions and introducing breathwork classes to enhance and add to your practice.


If you'd like to stay informed, sign up below and be the first to know when these new offerings become available.

Monthly Live Mindful Meditation

Experience community and mindfulness with our live monthly meditation sessions at Freebird Meditations. Enhance and support your practice in a supportive, shared environment. All levels of experience are welcome. 


Mindful Meditation
for Anxiety

The Mindful Meditation for Anxiety Series offers specific mindfulness practices to help manage anxiety. It focuses on breath, body, and emotion awareness, nurturing a inner capacity and resilience.


Sign up for updates

Thanks for your interest, will be in touch with you soon! 


The content on Freebird Meditations is educational and not a replacement for professional health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Also, it does not create a therapist-client relationship. If you have mental health concerns, or other medical concerns consult a licensed professional or physician. Mindfulness practices may be challenging for those with trauma histories; use discretion. By using these services, you agree to Freebird Meditations' terms. Thank you for your acknowledgement and understanding. 

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